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A Take Charge Moment
Tuesday, March 16 2010

One Sunday morning I awoke and decided maybe I will not attend services today.  I was not feeling my best and hey I never just stay home, like some others! I laid and proceeded to get comfortable, I spoke on the phone with a few relatives, who as normal, inquired "Are you getting ready for church?"  I was slick enough so that I did not lie, but gave them the impression all was as normal that I would be in service.  I received still other calls that I was able to handle from the comfort of my bed and pillow, and began to think, I really am going to be able to do this. 

As I drifted to sleep I was reminded of a message that my Bishop had preached "How will you respond?"  Immediately my mind went back to his saying that in a time of trouble or conflict many are watching to see how will you respond.  He told me personally of his struggles as the leader of a mega ministry and how he had to push though great adversity for the "sheep" like me.  Bishop also explained that he girded himself up with the word of God and never quit, because his God would not allow him to.  A spirit of conviction came over me and as if I was doing God a favor I got up to get ready, my thought was I am going but I am not going to wear a tie! This is a small sacrifice for the one who died on the cross for me, huh? 


I made it to church much later than I normally do, and as a result I was parked at the very end of the parking lot, probably only three spaces from the exit.  As I strolled through the parking lot I met Randy, he and his wife had just gotten back from vacation, he was so excited and we talked about all the fun he and his wife had on vacation, he was dressed very nicely and even had on a tie!  I really appreciated speaking to Randy because I wanted to encourage him because I know that in less than a month he will be undergoing some major surgery for an affliction that many would run and hide, I was able to give him my encouragement and declare his healing and noted, he got up today even when he probably did not feel like it. 


Still later I was able to talk to a newcomer in our ministry who really needs to connect and has been looking at job opportunities, he indicated that he had not seen me earlier (I did not tell him why he had not seen me!) but as I was walking in, we connected I was able to give him too,  a word of encouragement and a possible lead on employment. 


One of my younger protégé's Mother came up to me and thanked me for having an heart to heart with her son about the danger of abusing credit cards and to not get caught up in the "coolness" of having a credit card just because his peers may have one.  Yes, this all happened even before I got into the church!  


The enemy wanted me to think that I had missed my blessing, when I got into the church as my friends began to share what a glorious service the service I had just missed was.  I pressed through and God was still glorified in my service. 


God showed me as I left the church a vital and important lesson, as I left and headed to the parking lot, I had forgotten how far away I had to park that morning, I had so much company walking in that it did not really seem like a great distance but now it was a "hump" to get to my vehicle at the end of the lot. 

I refused to ask for a ride and thought this is a beautiful day so walk it out.  As I walked and had a view of my car God revealed to me "This walk is just like your destiny, when I place your destiny in the midst of everyone else (all the other cars) it seems really easy to obtain" you got a little company so to speak. 


That afternoon however it seemed everyone was gone, but the teaching God provided was that if you keep on walking and do not lose sight you will get to the goal, like Peter we must not take our eyes off of our destiny, my car did not appear to be getting any closer at first but I kept on walking, the more I walked the more time I had to spend with God, the more I walked the more I appreciated my ability to walk on my own and enjoy the freshness of God's beauty, the more I walked the closer I got to my destination until finally I was there, I encourage you, that destiny, deliverance, financial breakthrough, repaired relationships, healing, salvation, they are all like that car in the rear of the parking lot, if we just keep our vision clear and don't lose sight, the steps that we take with God will get us to the true victory, and when we walk with God we are never alone!





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