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Thank you for visiting this website.  If you have reached this site it is evidence of your desire for growth in Leadership.  I believe that inside each one of us there is "A Charge to Keep".  Recognizing this and after many training sessions, watching accomplished protégés achieve their career dreams, I have written a book outlining what the "charge" is that exists in me.
My "charge" and the techniques that I have discovered and exercised have afforded me a successful professional career with a Fortune 500 company and am currently regarded as a sought after coach to senior leaders of corporations.  I have been fortunate enough to deliver this message throughout the world!
As CEO and founder of Take Charge Ministries, a multimedia company designed to equip leaders at all levels,  I have facilitated empowering sessions that enabled leaders to achieve great success in their "chosen" areas of destiny.  I encourage you to save this site and check back often for motivational and inspirational tools that will enhance and uncover the hidden gifts of leadership that may be laying dormant just seeking to be unleashed.  From the board room to the wash room, from the Pastor's study to the pew, you will discover as I have that the gift of leadership is free and available to all,  it simply requires that we take charge!     

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