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Name: Sis Jeannette Le Gendre
Date: 10/28/2010
Message: My Dear Elder, There is nothing more beautiful than to watch a strong man of God willingly serve another with all his heart. God's love and purpose for your life shines through your day to day actions. Your book is a written testimony of how you've allowed God to use you to the fullest. It will serve as a resourceful guide to all those who are truly seeking to push God's kingdom agenda. It is an honor and a privilege to know you my dear Elder. I stand in awe and am benefitting from your living example. I accept the challenge and will keep the charge given to me! God's Love To You Your Eager Student & Humble Servant of God Sis Jeannette

Name: Sis J. Le Gendre
Date: 09/30/2010
Message: Hi Elder, WOW! Loved your site. I look forward to reading your book. Your interview w/Karen Francis was impressive. A man after my own heart. I'll post again once I've experienced your book. God Bless!

Name: Terri B
Date: 07/05/2010
Message: I was blessed from reading this book! Continue to "Take Charge", and know that who and what you represent blesses many.

Name: Minister Teresa S. Johnson
Date: 05/20/2010
Message: Elder Conley, thank you for the encouragement, determination and revelation.

Name: Elder Eric Thompson
Date: 03/18/2010
Message: I love the "Take Charge Moment" Keep it up the Lord has great things in store for you.

Date: 03/09/2009
Message: God bless you my brother! It is awesome to see that God is moving greatly upon your life! Continue to walk in the power of God that is upon your life!

Name: Rev. F.Dorsey Houston
Date: 02/24/2009
Message: I am looking forward to meeting you and purchasing your book in the near future. Anointed to Protect & Serve Ministries.

Name: Elder Darryl Hazelton
Date: 02/04/2009
Message: Elder, Congradulations, I can't wait to get your book and to share it with those who serve with me.

Name: First Lady Wright
Date: 10/13/2008
Message: Hello dear!!!!! your site looks wonderful

Name: Wendy Fitts
Date: 10/06/2008
Message: Glory to God Elder Conley~ I just love the website, and I share in your excitement and grand expectation of where God is taking your ministry. Abundant Blessings!

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